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A lot of times on the f-150 the cooling fan will run on high because the ac pressure is too high due to a thermostatic expansion valve sticking. Between it’s killer looks and fantastic road-feel, the CX-5 is a brilliant answer to the two giants that overshadow it, Honda and Subaru (CR-V and Forester). The warmer it is outside, the higher the pressure will be. For a general reference, you can check out this chart of R-134a system pressures. If you find you’ve got a low pressure on the low side of your system, then it’s most likely that you’ve got a leak as that is a common problem in automobile air conditioning systems.

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Ok I misted the condenser with water and the pressure dropped dramatically. Below are the stats while misting condenser: ambient 80à °F - engine 700rpm - high side 150psi - Low Side 33psi. ambient 80à °F - engine 2000rpm - high side 130psi - low side 22psi. Both tests yielded 40-45à °F air temps from the vents.

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Too high of a pressure can trip your system off on an over-pressure fault and cause it to start blowing hot air. To prove this you would have to check your AC high side pressure it a higher engine RPM after your car has been warmed up. ... I have a 1999 Ford F150. When I first turn the a/c on it will blow cold. Once i start moving it goes hot. An initial low side pressure of 100 psi is not abnormal if the compressor is not running and the underhood temps are high enough. Once the compressor engages, the low side should drop and continue dropping down to around 20-25 psi. At this point, the cycling switch should open.

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ac compressor not engaging. low and high pressure switch are closed but now voltage to the compressor solinoid. - Ford 1994 F150 Styleside Supercab question Looks like the low pressure switch gets power from a 10amp ac fuse.

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High Oil Pressure: Symptoms, Causes, and Repairs Pressure and heat make diamonds, but too much will kill a healthy engine.

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The cost of the oil pressure sending unit depends on the automobile and the model, as well as what is being replaced. When in doubt, contact your car's manufacturer. Oil pressure sending units can cost anywhere from $30 on the low end to more than $100. You can find oil pressure sending units at auto parts stores or online parts stores.

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After the system runs for a while, raise the RPMs up to about 1,500. The system should be about 25 to 30 psi on the low side and 200 to 250 psi on the high side. If the ambient temperature is higher or lower than normal (70 to 80°F) the pressures will go up or down accordingly. Ad. A bad expansion valve will cause low readings on both the low and high side. Failure of the sensing bulb is the most common problem. Sometimes the valve can become plugged with debris. If the sensing capillary tube is warm, there is high pressure that pushes on the diaphragm. The sensing bulb checks the temperature of the outlet line of the.

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A/C System Pressure Too High is the generic description for the p1491 mercedes-benz code, but the manufacturer may have a different description for your model and year vehicle. Currently, we have no further information about the p1491 mercedes-benz OBDII code.

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The ideal oil pressure varies depending on the car brand and model, but generally, the ideal oil pressure is between 25-65 PSI. To an extent, oil pressure is required for the oil to be able to reach all components of the engine, however if the oil pressure reading is outside of this range, it is usually considered too high or too low. These pressures will vary depending on ambient temperature (temperature of the outside atmosphere), but ideally, you will want to see your low side pressure between 30-40 psi and your high side pressure between 150-175 psi. If one or both are out of that spec, see the options below to start looking further into your problem. H - too low.

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Step 1 - Determine which transmission the truck has. Check the sticker on the driver's side door jamb to identify the truck's transmission. The transmission field is circled in the figure below. Decipher the code using the following table. Figure 1. All Ford trucks come with an info sticker in the driver side door jamb. F-150 Transmission Codes.

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OBD fault code P0088 is defined as " Fuel Rail/System Pressure - Too High", and is set when the PCM (Powertrain Control Module) detects an abnormally high pressure in the fuel rail, or sometimes in other parts of the fuel system. All fuel injection systems are designed to operate within a predetermined range of pressures to ensure smooth.

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